Blog post: I found a blog post that could really use some editing help. To demonstrate my editing ability, I give the original blog post, the post with Track Changes on, and the final edited post. This shows how thoroughly I can edit a document. Click here.

Email letter: I edited the copy of this email letter for spelling, grammar, flow and style. This document shows the version with Track Changes on, then the final version with all changes accepted. Click here.

Corporate Writing:

HealthPoint Associates, Louisville, Ky.:

When a psychology practice opened under new ownership and overhauled its business model, it needed a new brochure to advertise its chronic pain services. I collaborated on the copywriting, editing and design to produce this brochure.

Educational Writing:

The Adjunct Problem and Strategic Planning:

A paper written for a strategic planning class I took in Spring 2013. In this paper, I examined the issue of adjunct instructors in higher education from the angle of strategic planning. Click here for an excerpt.*

*Because of the chance of online plagiarism of my work, I have only posted the first few pages of this paper. If you would like to read the entire paper, please email me, and I will be happy to send it to you.

Journalistic Writing:

I have a story about literacy in Clark County written for the Winchester Sun. I also have a story on regionalism in Louisville/Southern Indiana and the beginning of the Ohio River Bridges Project written for The Lane Report. Please email me for a zip file of these pieces. They are under copyright to the respective publications.