Keeping you informed: Great links you should read

Like most bloggers and online communicators, I read a lot of articles and posts. I share the best on my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages. My followers on those platforms get to see the links to great articles that I find around the web. But if you only follow me here on my blog, you won’t see what else I share.

And, those platforms – Twitter especially – don’t give me very much room to say why I like the articles enough to share them with my readers.

So, I’m introducing a new type of post today. Every couple of weeks, I’ll round up the best links I’ve found and share them here.

To help you stay informed and give you some interesting reads, here’s a roundup of the five best posts I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, along with links to the articles and a short description of what they’re about and why I liked them.

1. Set Aside 5% of Your Time For Your “Slow-Cooked” Ideas

This piece describes the difference between projects that need to be done quickly on a deadline, and those that can be done slowly in the background. The author advocates giving five percent of your time to cultivate these slow projects and eventually turn them into masterpieces.

I enjoyed this piece because it reminds me that not everything needs to – or should – be done quickly. In our sped-up society, it’s easy to think everything has to be done right now. But some projects will benefit from slow, methodical thinking.

2. The Only 7 Things We Truly Can Control in Life—and How to Rock Them All

Do we control everything in our lives? No, we don’t. Do we obsess about the things we can’t control? Many of us probably do. This article encourages us to make net positive decisions that give us confidence and empowerment. It lays out seven steps to taking control of our lives.

This article spoke to me because I’m always trying to identify what I can and can’t control. The only thing I can control is my actions and reactions. I can’t control other people, even though I would like to sometimes. These simple tips brought me back to what’s important.

3. Here’s The Schedule Very Successful People Follow Every Day

This article talks about the natural rhythm of the body and mind throughout the day. To be successful, you need to structure the type of work you do throughout the day to follow this rhythm. It says knowing the best time to get the right tasks done is key to success.

As a blogger and aspiring freelancer, I’m still getting used to the “work at home” lifestyle. This article gave me some great insights into why my focus comes and goes. It also gave me some ideas on how I can match my desired schedule (I’m not a morning person) to my body’s rhythms.

4. When Copy and Paste Reigned in the Age of Scrapbooking

Where did blogging come from? According to this article, it has its roots in scrapbooking in the 19th century. It gives some historical perspective to the information overload and the curating of that information that we do today. It tells us that what we’re experiencing today with all of this information is not new; it’s just in a different form.

I like articles and stories that ground what I’m doing today in history. I also like articles that trace the history of media, because of my journalism background. This one is particularly interesting because it gives today’s bloggers and content curators some roots.

5. The Moment I Realized Personal Growth Wasn’t About Me (Or You)

We’re always trying to learn and grow, aren’t we? But what’s that growth all about? This powerful story gives personal growth a bigger perspective than just ourselves. The author says it’s not about us; it’s about the people we affect.

This piece really made me think about how the baggage we carry around affects our family and friends. If we don’t deal with our own bad habits, behaviors and feelings, we could be affecting future generations. What I do affects other people more than I ever thought.

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did!

Readers, what articles did you enjoy over the past couple of weeks? Which one on my list was your favorite? Share a link or a comment!


Keeping you informed: Great links you should read — 12 Comments

  1. I totally need the “Here’s The Schedule Very Successful People Follow Every Day” one. I’ve been very unorganized with my schedule and I know I need some advice or reminder on this. Thank you so much for sharing these links Jennifer!

  2. Hi Jennifer; Thanks so much for taking the time to share these posts with us. You are right you don’t get a lot of space to tell your twitter followers why you recommended a post. I play a game with myself to see what i can squeeze in to the 140 characters. :) hope that one of my own posts makes it into this someday. Although it is more likely to be a guest post. looking forward to making these round ups a regular part of my reading. best of luck with the series, Max

  3. Thanks for such a handy list of links. I always try to set aside blocks of time to completing ideas that I’m working on. I feel like that is a must if I want to complete anything worth being proud of because so many other things can get in the way.

  4. I especially enjoyed link 2, 3 and 5 as I know I need to create a schedule for myself and keep thinking…it’s on my list of things to do and I’ll do that tomorrow (which ends up getting pushed to another day). I like your idea of sharing links and telling us why you enjoyed it…keep it up!

  5. I constantly struggle with daily scheduling and enjoyed the article about that. Since it agrees with what I try to do, I consider it a great piece of advice!

  6. Interesting! I’m going to follow up with the daily schedule article, just because I identify with what you said about working at home. I’m a mess when it comes to my schedule and routine, or lack thereof.

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    I will enjoy learning about people I know nothing about as well as learning from their experience. You are wise to include links to others sites in this way, especially with the suggestion “you should read.”

    Kind Regards,

  8. Very cool idea Jennifer and I am sure those whose links you publish are very happy for the added exposure.