Five great ways to find fresh and creative blog post ideas

Do you live in fear of running out of ideas for your blog posts? Where do good blog post ideas come from? How can you keep the creativity flowing, post after post?

Some days, you sit down at your computer and think of five great ideas for your next blog post. Other days, you sit down and stare at the blank screen, wondering, “What the heck am I going to write about next?”

Blog post ideas

Do you struggle with finding new blog post ideas? Here are five sources you can use to keep your blog fresh and creative.

Let’s talk about where blog post ideas come from. The simple answer is: They come from everywhere. If you have your eyes open, ideas are everywhere you look. Just about any topic or question related to your niche that you might wonder about can become a blog post. Chances are your readers are wondering the same thing, and you could write a post that answers that question.

There are several things you can do to keep a wellspring of ideas that you can rely on. As a blog writer, you can  use a variety of sources to get your ideas. Here are some of them:

1. The news is a great place to get ideas. Read newspapers, magazines and news Web sites related to your niche. Read billboards and ads, watch TV and listen to the radio. Think about how you can find a new angle or express your opinion on news events.

2. Ideas can also come from studies or survey data. If a study is published about something happening in your niche, cite it and write about in a future post. Depending on your niche and topic, census or government data might be a source, too.

3. Local or national events and anniversaries are also a source of ideas. Keep up with what’s on the calendar for your niche. You might find something for a post to write about from a current or historical perspective.

4. Other people are a great source of ideas. Talk to experts in your niche, as well as family, friends and others you come in contact with.

5. Last, but not least, look to your own personal experiences. Don’t forget that yourself and your own life are a source of ideas. Then find an angle that your readers can relate to, and develop it into a topic that can be researched and written.

Another tip that can help is to keep a running list of ideas. Every time you see or hear about something in your niche that would make a good post, write it down. If you find a link that you might want to cite in a post, copy it into a document with a couple of notes on how you might use it later.

This way, on those days when the wellspring of ideas is dry, you can refer to your list and find something to write about.

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll have no trouble finding ideas for future blog posts. Good ideas come from a huge variety of places. If you keep a list every time you stumble across a good idea, you won’t have to stare at a blank computer screen waiting for an idea to come. You’ll already have a wealth of good ideas to keep your blog fresh and creative.

For more ideas, here is a good post from the Digital Marketing Blog: The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas.

Readers, where do you find ideas? How do you keep your ideas organized, fresh and creative?

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