What if you don’t know everything about your niche before you start blogging?

Do you want to start a blog about a subject you know a little about, but have a lot to learn? Are you afraid you don’t know enough to keep a blog going? How can you learn more and keep your enthusiasm up?

If you’re starting a blog in niche that’s new to you, you need to be like a journalist! When I was in journalism, I encountered this all the time. I would be assigned a story on a topic I knew nothing about. I would have to research and find background information so I could understand the topic and explain it to readers.

Many types of writers, not just journalists, have a sense of inquiry and curiosity. They wonder. They ask questions, and they seek answers. If you’re new to blogging, and fairly new to your niche, this is what you have to do.

Let’s say you’re a beginning guitar player, and you want to broaden your blog to learning all musical instruments. Some topics you might want to research are:

Blog niche

You don’t have to know everything about your niche before you start a blog. You just need curiosity and passion.

  • other common instruments that are good to learn,
  • taking lessons vs. being self-taught,
  • playing solo vs. playing in a band,
  • the benefits of performing,
  • and the best ways to learn how to read sheet music.

You might find resources in your area and share them with readers. You would also make your blog personal by sharing your own musical journey.

Whatever your niche is, you need to always be searching for new content related to it. You need to stay current and search for new trends.

To be a knowledgeable blogger, it doesn’t matter if you know everything there is to know about your niche before you start. What matters is that you are fascinated by your niche. If you aren’t fascinated enough to stick with your niche long-term, your readers won’t be, either. But if you are fascinated by your topic, your passion will drive you to seek new knowledge about it. Then you have new information to give your readers. That’s what will sustain your blog.

Readers, how do you learn more about your niche and keep your enthusiasm up? Let us know in the comments!


What if you don’t know everything about your niche before you start blogging? — 19 Comments

  1. Hello Jennifer
    This is really informative post for new bloggers.
    I have learned a lot from here and I am trying to read a lot. Reading was my hobby but now I am mostly trying to read about thinks I was to write about. Learning is a continuous process and checking on the growth of technology everyday new information is coming from different sources.We have to read to be updated.
    I will try to find new resources about my area. It is always good to have someone to guide you like this.
    I will try to go through more of your posts.

    • I’m glad you found my blog, Andleeb. There is always something new to learn, and a lot of information out there. (Some days, I think there might be too much!) Write in if you have a specific question yourself.

  2. Totally agree with what you say about your niche. I blog about the places we visit but to keep things a little different I always do research on-line and speak to locals to find out more. To find that little something no one knows and in the process I learn more myself…
    Thank you for the post.

  3. Hello; you did a good job answering this question. I’m sure that it would help potential new bloggers face their fears and dive into starting their new blog. so good job, max

  4. I have realised that when I get a topic I want to write on, I am immediately motivated to research more on it and this means I am always learning something new in the process.

  5. Passion is the answer. I really believe if you don’t have passion fro your subject, then it’s not your subject

  6. I completely agree with your approach. I find that sometimes I read a nutrition fact, or I hear of a new trend and out of curiosity I research it. They I naturally want to share what I’ve learned on my blog!

  7. I liked the additional topics/suggestions you provided to go along with playing the guitar. If the person blogs about it, then they’re making a personal commitment to do better in that area.

  8. Very good points Jennifer, you need to love what you do in order to keep your blog going. Research is the fun part for me. I am also forever reading my blog over and over again before I post it, I find a lot of mistakes in grammar that way too! (maybe not all of them, but most :)

    • Good, Sandy! I’m glad to hear you read your posts several times before you post. I see so many errors online that I wonder if a lot of bloggers don’t do this. You can’t skip the proofreading process!

  9. That is good information that you gave them. What I liked and agreed with you the most on is if you are not facinated by your niche then you will not continue to write about it.

  10. Great advice Jennifer. I cant imagine anything worse than thinking one new everything about a niche given that for me half of the fun is learning new perspectives from others and half is finding out more by means of general research.

  11. Hi Jennifer
    You’ve got a lot of really great information here. One of the other posts I read this morning suggested reading your post out loud to yourself to give you the right tone. I love learning how to blog better – Thanks.

    • Reading out loud is a great trick for several reasons. You can not only find the right tone, but you can also spot errors easier that way.